How to Make Your Own Solar Panel : How Hard Is It?

Homemade Solar Panels

Building your own solar panels instead of asking someone else to make them for you should be your first priority these days. By doing it yourself, you will know how to troubleshoot and repair your system in the future should something go awry.   Of course, you will also be saving a ton of money each month as well!
To do this, homemade solar energy should be your top priority. After all, around half of your expense in installing a solar panel system goes toward buying only the solar cells.
You just need to know how to make solar panels the correct way. Here is I the most popular video on youtube explaining how to make your own solar panel. Actually, they are a married couple – Don Rojas and Denise Rojas. Again, here is the link:

Advantages When Installing Solar Panels Yourself

solar panels

These are step by step video provided by Earth 4 Energy product how to make your own solar panel, click here to learn a lot more


Preserving our planet helps when you use natural resources which do not hurt the earth’s atmosphere and all things in it.  If we continue to utilize power that individuals use today, we might pollute the atmosphere so much that the right amount of sun will be unable to make it down to the earth’s surface in the foreseeable future.
source:national geographic

Here’s a few advantages of building your very own solar panel system.

1.    Again, you MUST really be hands on in this field, as this is the only way to save on costs. Solar panels are very expensive, we knew that, and all over the world even though they knew nothing about solar panel, they will also have likely opinion that, this system is not for average people only.  But they don’t know, if you fully install your solar panel by company, that’s what will happen. But, if you buy the solar cells yourself, find a board to attach the solar cells at the junkyard, learn how to solder, buy the correct wire, borrow a driller. Sure enough you can have one good complete solar panel system in just a matter of 3 to 5 days only.  You will also save thousands by going the DIY route.
Don’t use the excuse that you do not know how to solder, as I’m talking about saving thousands of dollars. So, you choose which one is better? Learn how to solder or be ready to lose money?
2.    Your hard work starts from the moment you begin research until the moment that your system setup is complete.  Again, it should be around 5 days to complete if you really focus on this. After that, you can just use it until the end of your life. Remember, your source of energy is not coal or that provided by a grid system. It’s the sun.
3.    Let’s say that your house just blackouts – what will happen? But, that will not happen with this system, because your solar panel system will come also feature a battery that is used to store an excess charge from the cells during a sunny day. So, during the night, we can still benefit from this system.
4.    A solar panel is a very simple system actually, and because of that, it’s very easy to maintain. And best of all, you install this system yourself.
I know that you may still be unsure as to what types of solar cells that need to buy, how to select the correct battery, or maybe what is the capacity of solar system that will cover your house?
But, there is are step by step video guides to help you make your very own solar panel.