By complete reading this post, you are about to find out the best way to jump start your learning curve of how to make solar panels on your own without any help from expertise that will for sure will charge you more.

The Challenges When Building Our Own Solar Project

Are you confused about where you should start your installation? What kind of things will you need?
What’s the cost? How many solar panels do you need?
That’s just a few of problems that confront a homeowner wishing to install a solar panel.

You know what, when I just browsing through yahoo answers, I discovered a few other hurdles that one may face. I will paste a few of the problems below:

solar panelspicture source : yahoo answer

Yes, I know, some of you are even more confused now, as there are so many things to consider prior to beginning installation.
Technically, that’s right.
However, I will help you overcome all of the aforementioned challenges if you will simply follow the step by step plan that I layout below.

Make Your Own Solar Panel NOW!!

Why do you need to invest the effort in building a solar panel yourself? The only reason, of course, is to sharply reduce the cost to you.

For me, installing a solar panel consists of 3 stages.
Your installation will require these 3 steps to succeed and improve your energy output.

Stage 1 – How To Make Solar Panels

By this, you have to know how to make a solar panel. You know what, a professional Solar Panel Company will charge thousands just for this, but you can do it for mere hundreds by going the do it yourself route. It may not look as nice and clean as those from the professionals, but your own solar panels will still prove to be very effective in producing energy.
Basically, we just buy some solar panels from amazon for around $300-400, get some plywood at a junkyard, and buy some rolls of wire to connect the energy source. By the way, I have found good videos on YouTube that do a good job of explaining this.
So, how about that?

The video below shows the best example of this project.

Step 2 – The connection.

Of course, things that you will do yourself are the solar panel platform;  and the rest such as the inverter, battery, and wire we still have to purchase. But not just that, as we must also know what size or capacity of system is right for us. What I mean is that we cannot just go out and buy a battery without doing the proper research. If this happens, we may end up selecting an underpowered battery or one that is too powerful for the system that we are building, and we don’t wish to be wasteful, right?!
“The Connection” that I’m speaking of is NOT JUST learning to connect the power from the solar panel platform to the inverter, then to battery and finally through appliances. (This is a basic system of solar panel construction.  You may also choose to connect some gauges or meters to monitor your energy output, or perhaps a computerized system that will generate nice data in the form or graphs, charts, etc.)
What I’m really saying is that we must know how much power we really need to power our house or specific appliances such as a television or refrigerator. Let’s say that after performing some “calculations” that we want just enough to power a refrigerator only, so we need XXX power to run the refrigerator all day long.  With XXX power, we will buy YYY power of battery to install the energy supply via solar arrays; and finally with YYY power to generate power for the battery, we have to make ZZZ size of solar panel.
The CONNECTION from XXX to YYY and ZZZ is what I’m really speaking of here. By knowing this, we are still on the right track to reduce the cost as much possible.
The “calculation” phase I just bolded above is really important to all of our systems, as you must know how many solar panels you need before ever starting. Your action, your curiosity and your determination starts here.

Step 3 – Our final step is improving the output.

You may already know that electric connections have some energy that is lost, as they are imperfect systems. By this stage, you have to manage it. It may require some testing to make it function best.


solar panels pdf

Let me introduce you to Michael Harvey, co-founder of
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Here are some screen shots of him showing you step by step how to make things happen:

how to make solar panels picture
This video presentation is full of how to make solar panel tutorials with more than 2 hours of DIY Solar Panel techniques.

What More Do You Get With This Product?

You are about to learn how to build your very own 120 watts power solar system. You will also learn how you can increase your system output; yes, electrical assemblies have a lot of loose energy during transfer; this technique will save you a lot of energy.
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