What Appliances Use the Most Electricity?

What Appliances Use the Most Electricity?

I just got around on Google and stuck in yahoo answer and found some of our friends trying to cut household cost, especially for the appliances that she used, and that’s what we are focusing on this post.

but before we start, take a look at this table first.

Room Air Conditioner1.30 kWh per hour$1.33 estimated per 12 hour
Electric blanket0.17 kWh per hour$0.12 per 8 hour day
Fan (attic).40 kWh per hour$0.41 per 12 hour day
Fan (circulating).90 kWh per hour$.92 per 12 hour day
Heater (portable)1.50 kWh per hour$1.53 per 12 hour day
Blender.40 kWh per hour$0.03 per hour
Can Opener.10 kWh per hour$0.01 per hour
Coffee Maker (Automatic).20 kWh per pot$0.02 per pot
Deep Fat Fryer1.50 kWh per hour$0.13 per hour
Microwave Oven1.50 kWh per hour$0.13 per hour
Range (with oven)3.20 kWh per day$0.27 per day
Range (with self-cleaning oven)3.30 kWh per day$0.28 per day
Self-cleaning Oven5.00 kWh per cleaning$0.43 per cleaning
Toaster.04 kWh per serving$0.01 per serving
Freezer (manual defrost) 16 cu.ft.3.90 kWh per day$9.94 per month
Freezer (manual defrost) 20 cu.ft.4.50 kWh per day$11.48 per month
Freezer (frostless) 16 cu.ft.5.80 kWh per day$14.79 per month
Freezer (frostless) 20 cu.ft.6.10 kWh per day$15.56 per month
Refrigerator/Freezer (manual defrost) 16 cu.ft.3.40 kWh per day$8.67 per month
Refrigerator/Freezer (manual defrost) 20 cu.ft.4.00 kWh per day$10.20 per month
Refrigerator/Freezer (frostless) 16 cu.ft.4.90 kWh per day$12.50 per month
Refrigerator Freezer (frostless) 20 cu.ft.5.70 kWh per day$14.54 per month
Blow Dryer.30 kW per 1/4 hour$0.03 per 1/4 hour
Shaver.02 kWh per shave$0.01 per 6 shaves
Toothbrush.01 kWh per use$0.03 per month
Clock.10 kWh per day$0.01 per day
100-Watt light Bulb.10 kWh per hour$0.01 per hour
Sewing Machine.20 kWh per hour$0.02 per hour
Vacuum Cleaner1.30 kWh per hour$0.11 per hour
Washing Machine.25 kWh per load$0.02 per load
Clothes Dryer3.90 kWh per load$0.33 per load
Iron1.00 kWh per load$0.09 per hour
Radio.04 kWh per hour$0.01 per 3 hours
Radio/Stereo.10 kWH per hour$0.01 per hour
Television Color (tube).30 kWh per hour$0.03 per hour
Television Color (solid state).20 kWH per hour$0.02 per hour

Without further ado, let’s jump right in.

Stand in the middle of your house and look around. What are the largest electrical appliances?

It’s the refrigerator,  right? Unless you have a mini-fridge. With this appliance we cannot stop it for a while when we to work. If we did, all the food would spoil. The refrigerator is one of the appliances that will use energy all time to serve its purpose.


appliances use the most energy

A refrigerator can cost you around $100 each year.

Other appliances that make life convenient but will cost you money to run are the washing machine and dryer.

I haven’t done any research on the energy usage of these two, but they may surpass the refrigerator, even though they just run at certain times.
A washer and dryer can cost you around $150 each year for 2k kWh.
Next on the list is the oven. The average usage for this appliance is around 700 kWh with an electric bill of approximately $70 per year.

British Gas noted these appliances alone will cost around 129kg to 179kg of CO2 per year.

appliances use the most electricity

Energy Consumption of Household Appliances

How true is the saying, “With great electricity power come heavy bills?” And, we do realize that electricity exists, as the company keeps posting bills for it! No wonder, most people ask what appliances use the most electricity.

What Appliances Use the Most Electricity

air conditioner

On a serious note, did you know that a central air conditioner of 15000 Watts can demand around $1.50 per hour? Typically, for Americans 31% share of electricity consumption is spent towards heating and another half of it goes towards cooling their homes.

Similarly, automatic washing machine demands around 500 Watts and reciprocates to around 5 cents an hour. On the other hand, all computers with CRT monitor attract a consumption of 500 Watts and attract hourly charges of 5 cents.
I knew, no one in the world still use CRT monitor, but just to make list bigger.:)
Our busy life demand several types of appliances to carry out the daily chores with ease.

As a thumb rule, anything that creates heat (this includes ovens, water heaters, and dishwashers among others) use more power. Equipments like microwave ovens can range from 600 to 2000 Watts depending on the capacity. This results in consumption of 6 to 20 cents per hour. The more you use these appliances, the more you pay the electricity charges.

What Appliances Use the Most Electricity


A television usage expenses range from $15 to $200 per annum depending on the type and size of your television set. Each TV set consumes standby power even if you do not use it, as it keeps them ready to respond to the remote. This standby power consumption could be from 2 Watts to 20 Watts depending on the TV set. Well, your TV always has buddies like DVD players, satellite receivers, home theatre systems, and even WI-FI. The overall count of expenses keeps on increasing with each addition.  The shocking news is a typical U.S. home consumes effortlessly an approximate 11,000KWh per annum and this could be a burden average of a whopping $900 annually!

Water heaters, pumps, and room heaters are known to hog power and add wholesomely to annual power bill. Average consumption for all such heating equipments together could go up to $1 per hour. Energy usage is obvious and we cannot live without it even for a minute. From laptops to mobile phone chargers, we are dependent on electricity for communication, cooking (unless you avail gas), cleaning, and almost everything. Making a sensible purchase of good quality gadgets and appliances with high energy star rating may result in lesser consumption every year; although going for green energy can make those electricity bills as well invisible!


So , do we need make an solar panel that enough to cover all of these appliances? Sure not, but sure yes if you have big budget…

Back to sure not, it really depends on how and what you really intend to focus. Maybe some like a big shot bills like air conditioner or television, or maybe solar panel that enough to cover all small electricity  use like hand phone charger(depends on your devices), maybe for an iron.

This article has already come to an end. If you like, you can browse my blog for more topics.

But I really recommended you read this article from howstuffworks.
It’s amazing to realize how much these appliances really cost you.

This is one of the quotes that struck me.
“If your house has electric heat, then the middle of winter is a time when you are going to use a lot of power. A heat pump might run 10 to 15 hours a day. At $1.50 an hour, that’s $15 to $22 per day”
“That’s $15 to $22 per day”! That’s a sobering statement, huh…