What Maintenance is Required for Solar Panels

Solar Panel Maintenance

While Googling a minute ago, I’ve finally taken a moment to read this on Yahoo answers.What Maintenance is Required for Solar Panels
It states:
How much maintenance do solar panels require? Link to Yahoo answers.
I read and do some research over Google; finally I got it.
It’s almost none! And most of the skilled technician only talk about cleaning the solar cells surface. Weird huh? Even though they still use the ‘maintenance’ word on blog post title.
I’d use that too…
With thick glass (meaning its tough), mounted onto metal racks (means you have good head) to have good support, and since they are hardly tighten and most homemade solar panels  have no moving parts, once they are installed they require minimal maintenance.
Of course, it may depend on where you live and what kind of weather is usual in your region .

For instance, if you live in a region where there is a lot of snow in the winter, you may have to spend some time after a heavy snowfall cleaning off the solar panels so the sun can reach them. Or if you live in an area that has frequent dust storms, or an urban area where there is a lot of dirt in the air, you may have to clean off the glass panels periodically to maximize their efficiency. But if it rains frequently enough, that should be sufficient to keep your solar panels clean enough to function properly.

If there are a lot of deciduous trees in your yard that shed their leaves every fall, you may need to make sure that those leaves don’t cover up your solar panels. Even some evergreen trees shed their needles and may require a periodic clean up. But a quick swipe with a broom should do the trick.

Hey, there is some company called HELIOTEX that just made a new system that will automatically clean your solar cells, but I believe you can install yourself with the help of a pump and tubing and do some connection.

Here is the commercial video provided by them

And for those who applied the mounted ground solar panel, it doesn’t seem this system works with you unless you are too lazy to do it yourself.

No worries; that is why children are made.
Cleaning Your Solar Panel
I think we have talked enough about cleaning; rather than talk about maintaining, how about we focus more on the items warranty?
Did you know?
Solar panels full warranty 20 – 25 years
Batteries coverage 5 – 10 years
Inverters coverage 5 – 10 years
I think this information will finally calm you down now.


Solar panel cleaning system – http://www.solarpanelcleaningsystems.com/